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starsgotosleep's Journal

3 August 1990
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abnormal psychology, acceptance, activism, adventures, american spirits, analyzing, anarchy, anti-ableism, anti-classism, anti-heteronormativity, anti-homophobia, anti-imperialism, anti-racism, anti-sexism, body as canvas, body painting, bone disorders, bones, bonfires, booze, burning, challenging social constructs, chemistry, christian bale, climbing trees, cloud watching, coffee and cigarettes, collarbones, community organizing, controversy, crackpot conspiracies, creation, cuddlepiles, cynicism, dance parties, dark eyes, debate, debunking, decolonization, deprivatization, deviance, drag, drag ball, ed norton, eli roth, evening naps, examining privilege, experimental art, expression, fair trade, feminism, film, fluidity, folk, freckles, funk, garden state parkway, gender studies, genderfucks, genetic disorders, giallo, glitter, gore, h.p. lovecraft, hallucinogens, hampshire college, harmonica, harvey dent, history, hookah, horror movies, hype art, imaginary friends, inclusion, independence, intellectual promiscuity, intersexuality, jersey shore, knives and lint, kucinich for president, lady gaga, liam neeson, lipstick, love, madness, manasquan, modern art, monsters, mystic chords of memory, naked, neuroscience, new jersey, new york city, no inhibition, overflowing emotions, oversized headphones, palmistry, pansexuality, peace movement, penguins, physics, poetry, powerful women, psycho-sociology, punk rock, queer theory, questioning, race theory, rambling, red hair, revolting, rococo, running amok, scarlett johansson, screenwriting, september, sequins, sex as an art, shakin' it, sharing, showers in the dark, shyness, sick shit, silent hill, single payer healthcare, smoke breaks, smut, snuggling, sociology, spoken word, starry skies, street art, sunflowers, survival horror, systems of oppression, tea lights, tender, the bear jew, the suffering, theater, tiedye, transsexuality, underwear parties, uninhibited love, unnaturalness, vegetarianism, watercolours, weed, whiskey, writing